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What Is UX design?

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So what is UX design? UX stands for user experience and that is how the person on a site interacts with the functions and design. UX Design looks at efficiency, how easy the website is to use and perceptions of utility for each individual person. The UX design elements are what make the functionality and seamlessness feel personal to each user.

The most impressive part about Design By Many is that we are user-friendly. With your own team and dedicated designers, you feel as if you can achieve anything and you can. We pride ourselves in being the best of the best.

Why We Use UX?

A customers’ experience of a website is not just the graphics and the pretty colours. Data collected from online interactions can help create the optimum customer happiness and that is by making sure the usability of the site is running smoothly at all times.

The user experience is what keeps customers coming back for more. Analysing a client’s interactions with a site is essentially what is needed to improve and grow a business. Without creating an outstanding overall feel for a site, the user might be lost for good.

So really, What is UX design?

Do we really need UX? Let us break down the different reasons why we think you do need UX here at Design By Many. UX helps:

  • A user interact with a website.
  • Helps navigation through the website.
  • Analyse the users interactions with products or services.
  • Leaves a good or bad impression with the user.

So is UX worth it?

There are many people out there who haven’t asked what is UX design when creating a website. Making sure that your business is putting its best foot forward right from the home page of your site is what we strive to achieve.

The user experience is at the end of the day where you will attract your client. Creating a personal touch for a customer gets them to come back and being able to use the data collected makes sure that you are running your page at the optimum level.

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